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By August 25, 2017 Contractors, Vivid News

Your personal brand

Flicking through Vivid’s new website you’d be forgiven for wondering what a fluorescent-coloured-TV-shaped-mailbox has to do with either IT or Recruitment. Or to repeat this question from a friend – what’s the meaning of all the fronds?

The answer is, potentially nothing. To you.

This doesn’t mean we’re aiming for obscure or alienating branding. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

As Vivid builds, we live by uncovering and marketing personal uniqueness as the stand-out factor for attracting valuable partnerships, friendships and all manner of working relationships. When the time came to create Vivid’s new website, I was keen to stay true to these roots.

With the stubborn view that no currently existing photo in this world could possibly capture the brand, I thought back to the reasons I embarked on the Vivid journey. This took me back to Byron Bay  with a friend’s camera and an ‘auto-focus lens for dummies’ in hand.

I’ve met many a corporate escapee or retiree in Byron, two of them former CIOs. All told similar stories of moving to the Bay to be ‘themselves’, aided by an environment of like-minded, open and transparent people.

Stirred on by the logic that we can’t all move to the Bay, I became fascinated by the idea that with personal honesty and the right attitude, finding culturally aligned environments where you can ‘be yourself’ doesn’t need to be a Byron Bay trademark. Rather, it’s readily available to us in our city dwelling backyards*.

So, there you have it – the short version of the TV and the fronds.

And if they or their interpretation have personal meaning which doesn’t quite speak to everyone, then that’s perfect – as this is the essence of Vivid. Personal, individual matches and cultural alignment that can’t possibly be ‘all things to all people’ whilst remaining honest about our personal brands.


*NB – Vivid does not claim to have the ability to bring tropical Byron Bay weather to your backyard.


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