Recruiting without an agency.

“DIY Recruitment” for small business

Driving your own Recruitment is entirely possible.

But to compete in the market and be ”seen” by potential applicants, it’s all about being human when hiring. Not your marketing budget.


Who is your ”Recruiter?’

More often than not, the designated Recruiter for a smaller business has only navigated these waters a few times.

Sometimes this leads to a scurry for templates, or following the format of others. The problem is, many of these examples inflate the ”good stuff” and miss the crucial part. Finding a humble, common ground to connect with your candidate audience.

Like all advertising, your job advertisement should be more about the audience than you.

And sometimes that means cutting through the sell to reach the right type of candidates for your business.

Truth is, it’s not rocket science. But there’s a real art to uncovering your hidden, marketable benefits and displaying them in the right way to your market.


The reach of words

Typically, job advertisements are seen as a necessary evil. You’re just dumping a bunch of skills on a page to generate interest but it’s unlikely to garner real attention, right?

The recruitment and recruitment tech industry has made a lot of money with this claim.

In fact, you can dramatically change your recruitment process using a humble job advertisement.

FACTS: In all cases where we experimented advertising side by side our small business clients last year, we attracted the end candidate to our role as the preference. Same humble platform, same time. That’s a lot of unnecessary cost.

All by unearthing company culture and writing honest, compelling job advertisements that translate your own existing benefits.

Not the ”best culture”. Not the ”highest benefits”. Your culture. Your benefits. And of course, having the time and freedom to focus on all of this.

Cutting back on a lot of expensive hiring platforms, we kept developing this method and collecting feedback.

Usually adverts are a boring sell or completely inflated. You got to the heart of my industry and me as a person (sales) and it’s the reason I applied to your position and not others!

I love how you didn’t try and say it was the ”best company on earth”. Everyone says that. It was the finer detail and honesty that got me in the end and I only applied to your single advertisement – thanks for helping me find my new home 🙂 (service industry)

Your company isn’t standard, nor are the people you’re trying to attract. You can raise the bar significantly by rejecting ”standard” in your hiring communication.

Being human and honest when hiring is half the battle

That’s how small businesses own and shape their unique environments.

So we’ve launched our Flexible Small Business Recruitment options over at GlassyAnt and we’re here to help you – but only with the things you absolutely need.

You’ll have professional input to cover all of above and set you going with clear direction and a brilliant go-to-market advertisement. On average, it saves small businesses 30+ hours.

Book a free consult and see what it’s all about!


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