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By October 5, 2017 Contractors, Vivid News

We’re open books.

Vivid’s Open Book Policy means our cost of service and fee structure is completely transparent to our contractors and clients. But why?

Our initial chats with candidates about this was met with surprise and respect. Also, some consistent beliefs around why we’d ‘gone there’. “Oh, because you guys are showing you’re not ripping us off like other Recruiters, we love it!”

Though fair pay and justice was certainly part of the motivation, the reasons for doing this quickly morphed into positively geared intentions – not to ‘set us apart’ from industry by claiming higher integrity.

Rather, it’s because we ensure the dollar is not the highest benefit offered by our clients, not even the top three. Frankly, they have more value-adds than high budgets – which is exactly why we work with them.

By being completely upfront about a budget, you take the heat out of it – demonstrating fair consideration for all parties in a systematic way. Then, sweep it to the side and get to the real chats.

Working this way establishes trust and enhances relationships, letting us discuss higher value items quickly; cultural alignment, interesting work, lifestyle balance or long-term career options. Considerations with real, monetary value for the candidates we work with.

It’s easy to align basic rate expectation and technical skills. Those are things a piece of software can and does currently do, perhaps a technically apt 12 year old.

So why open books? To open the offline conversation and keep ourselves useful.

We’re always exploring new ways to add value beyond financial compensation. We’d love to hear what’s valuable to you as an employee, or the unique benefits you’ve created as a company – so feel free to get in touch.



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