Your true brand, with a culture first practice.

Many of our clients started their journey as our candidates years ago. Enjoying their personal experience, they’ve chosen to trust us with finding culturally aligned contractors and permanent hires.

Our newer clients are small businesses keen for ‘a little help’ with our consulting platform. We help you DIY recruit, with affordable partial assistance. Truth is, you can find great candidates on job boards. We love showing you how!

We have an Open Book policy between ourselves, contractors and our clients. With fair daily rates and flat service charges, our contractor relationships are transparent and managed in a highly personal way.

Firm believers of hiring people rather than papers, we work with clients of all sizes who do the same. Truly culture first, collaborative groups who are committed to filling the skills gaps once the right values and attitude are found.

Recruitment and Consulting

Vivid specialise in permanent hires and consulting for SMBs. We thrive when highlighting start-up or ‘quiet’ brands.

Unearthing your values and your vibe, your new hire is always an absolute fit. Have a peek at our small business tools.


The full package

Perhaps you have no internal recruitment or just need some specialised focus on a role.

We’ll find your cultural best fit for a fixed price, on an accessible sliding scale dependent on the size, maturity and nature of your business.

Run through our unique, free Hiring Calculator for an instant quote (completely optional) and Recruitment crash course. Do you even need to use us? Find out!


Partial help

Maybe you’re upskilling an employee to handle the Recruitment or just a bit ‘stuck’.

Determined to give small business total flexibility, we’ve designed really affordable consulting and delivery across the crucial aspects of hiring. With a ‘nothing unnecessary’ mentality, pay only for what you need. And we’re serious about this.

Check out the platform and book a free consult online!


Contractors and Teams

1s and 2s

You have a 3+ month requirement for an individual or two, as well as the internal capability to oversee the quality of their work. Vivid provide you with skilled, committed IT contractors then remain highly available and engaged for two-way feedback throughout the duration of the contract. As are we, with full and personal onsite management.

Teams and Projects

You’ve scoped your project, now seek specific people and the right price. You’re happy to own the outcome, especially as you’ll retain the IP, halve your cost then own something brilliant. With your input, we’ll create a team of culturally aligned professionals to blend right in. And personally ensure their happiness all the way through.

IT females placed
Newly arrived (<1yr)
Clearly different

We're transparent and accountable
with our placement diversity. A few facts .