Aerial skiing in the workplace.

By February 18, 2018 Contractors, Vivid News

What does aerial skiing have in common with our workplace voice? Maybe everything.

How inspiring is Aussie aerial skier David Morris? He didn’t medal in PyeongChang, not the point. What about his story of overlooked ‘potential’? And let’s not forget his gracious interview, taking the high road after a controversial loss.

Numerous people told him he ‘just didn’t have it’. So he pushed through, listened to his own voice and now he’s a three-time Olympian and historical silver medalist in a sport that defies gravity, logic and (arguably) sanity.

Because true potential – once personally realised – can’t be quashed by non-believers. They’re just not the right audience, you’re in the wrong room, you’re yet to find ‘your tribe’.  So respect those people, acknowledge their contribution and either find a way or find a new direction. Even if you walk alone for a little while, with your purpose in your pocket.

Companies and people who face rejection and stubbornly stay on track toward their purpose are the future of the modern workplace. Those who are told it ‘can’t be done’ but do it anyway. They might be informed they have limitations, but push through irrespective. Because they’re the David Morrises of the world who embrace their inner voice, swipe aside negative chatter and achieve amazing things.

It could be the women who grew up with mandatory home economics, now creating multi million-dollar tech companies. Perhaps the newly arrived skilled migrants, overcoming cultural barriers and relocating the family to the ‘land of plenty’. Or even the men who grew up playing football and acing wood-shop, now finding an acceptable home and place as creatives and artists.

Can we speak?

Yes. In the free world workplace, pretty much always. We’re really, really lucky.

Everyday we face ten people who don’t quite ‘get us’ and perhaps one or two who do. In the end, it’s about our David Morris attitude and the voices we choose to regard. We can maximise our growth in the workplace by ensuring we’re in one that values the member’s voice and has the leadership and systems that make us feel safe to ‘grab the mike’.

What will you do today to find or amplify your voice? Will you just take the first no, or will you find a way through? And if you’ve tried, will you try again or walk out the door? And if you’ve tried ten times – in ten different ways – will you create something new and brilliant for yourself, or will you simply put your energy into voicing your unhappiness?

Sport always finds a way to give us a humble or inspiring lesson. But we pop athletes on a pedestal, forgetting they’re simply employees earning a living in a different industry.

Just. Like. Us.




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