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I’m driven by finding human solutions for IT projects that mesh unique attitudes, competencies and drive. And helping the humans involved.

Contractors and consultants have for far too long been utilised as a business development entry into a business. I developed Vivid’s people centric contractor methods to help fill the gaps in a project-paced ‘gig’ economy. I never imagined the sort of retention it would lead to and how valued I’d feel on a personal level.

After years of running consulting, augmentation, staffing and having debates about the merits of all, I realised we were all making things unnecessarily difficult for the market.

I’m a terrible marketer. I’ve never engaged anybody to dress up our web copy. The company is exactly as it seems, as open as it appears and accountable for it all. We’re a services company with wide ranging capabilities on the IT projects spectrum, as long as humans are involved in some way.

I love the human impact of the IT industry, especially in 2020 where we need it more than ever. Companies need complete freedom to design their level of involvement in projects or people.

Kim JamesOwner & Director, Vivid

Why Clearly Different?

Did you know an IT project contractor navigates more complexity in the workplace than most? Changing requirements and teams, often not much of the ‘fluffy stuff’; often with personalities unlikely to speak up if something’s not quite right. Most of our work is those exploratory mediator chats, planning the future with them, helping them channel their way through unique situations. And autonomously drive their contract!

IT Contractors are engaged for projects via agencies, payroll companies, software companies and beyond. Often the only consistent part of being a contractor is that there’s always another project around the corner.

Modelling and working with a successful Contractor Engagement service for over four years, it’s our niche as a service business and something we’re quite passionate about. The success of a project is always via people – no matter the company, solution or format.

A Certified B corporation, we embrace business ethics and uniqueness. If your requirement is for a deliverables focused solution, teams or just a person – our networks and combined bench knowledge is deep and extensive. Most of all, we have the IP to show how a careful match can make or break that project or initiative of yours.

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